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Specialized Student Services Committee Program – Holiday Harmony: Strategies to Guide Families of Special-Needs Children Through the Holidays

October 25 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 pm
Gail Borden Public Library, Elgin Room, Elgin IL. 

Children with special needs can easily be overwhelmed by the sensory overload that can accompany the holiday season. Certainly we want our children to participate and enjoy the offerings and opportunities of this special time of year. Yet which activities and how much? What about wish lists and media overload? How can we help them cope with the possibly intense feelings associated with disappointment, confusion or being told “not yet” or “no”?

This hour long presentation, to be given by Amy Ashland of Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System, will help families look at prioritizing the events and substance of the Holidays that are important to each family. Based on these unique priorities, families will be given the tools to create a plan to realize these special family ideals. We’ll then identify common hurdles that can pop up and create chaos and meltdowns in a child with special needs. Strategies will then be presented to help families realize their own resources and coping skills to prevent or decrease these difficult situations.

For a complete listing of this event, please visit our calendar page. For more information on all Specialized Student Services Committee programs for the 2016/17 school year, including program flyers for download, please visit their Committee page.