General Council Meetings

The General Council Meetings are the best way to stay informed about what is happening on a district level. Meetings generally consist of updates from the Board of Education, Administration and the Executive Committee or other Citizens’ Advisory Council committees; special programs on topics relevant to district improvement or parental interest; and other news or business…oh, and, yes, we have the best cookies around! Council meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Elgin High School library, located at 1200 Maroon Drive in Elgin. The general public is most definitely encouraged to join us! Our meeting schedule is posted on the calendar page.

The Citizens’ Advisory Council exists to assist the Board of Education and to be the voice of the community. Open discussions give members a chance to let their concerns and comments be heard. Every member has the right to be heard. Please keep in mind that meetings need to run in a productive manner. Members should conduct themselves with rules of common courtesy. The council is governed by the Open Meetings ActRobert’s Rules of Order and the CAC Bylaws during meetings. See Membership Participation Guidelines for more detailed information.

Agendas are posted on the calendar at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled meetings and are also available before each meeting in the lobby before you enter the library. If there is a subject that you feel needs to be brought up during New Business, please let the Secretary know as soon as possible. While it is acceptable to bring up personal issues that you may have with the district, the council cannot resolve personal issues. If appropriate, the subject may be directed to a specific committee, or you may be asked to work directly with district staff.