Membership Participation Guidelines

Represent Your School

First and foremost, you are on the Council as a representative of your school at the district level. It is your job to make sure that your school’s concerns, needs, questions, and opinions are shared with the Council. You are their voice. All of your school’s CAC members (up to seven) collectively represent the school at monthly meetings and as a group, have one voice during voting sessions. It is your responsibility as a group to find out what issues are important to the families and staff at your school or what their opinions are on upcoming votes and then represent their desires to the Council.

Represent the CAC

At every general meeting, as well as through email or other written communication, you will be brought up to date on the latest issues, district initiatives, committee work and findings, and much more. It is your responsibility to bring this information back to your school and share it with administrators, parent leaders, and the students’ families. Issues of discussion within the council should never be a surprise to any member or to their school. We count on you to relay to your school:

  1. What the CAC is and how parents can get involved on a district level.
  2. The CAC’s mission and focus for the year.
  3. The ongoing work and issues related to committees.
  4. The overall focus and progress of district objectives.