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CAC Public Files are archived in a hierarchy according to whether they originate from a committee or from the General Council.  From there, they are categorized as meeting minutes or committee/council documents; this last category includes annual reports. Please keep in mind that meeting minutes are posted after they have been approved at a subsequent meeting; this may mean that minutes will generally be posted 1 Р2 months after the original meeting date, depending on meeting schedules.

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Curriculum Committee Documents
Curriculum Committee Report 20101.2 MiB186
Curriculum Committee Report 2011839.4 KiB192
Curriculum Committee Report 2012136.6 KiB277
Curriculum Committee Report 2013230.0 KiB330
Curriculum Committee Report 2014248.4 KiB287
Curriculum Committee Report 2015215.7 KiB492
Curriculum Committee Report 2016105.4 KiB68
Curriculum Committee Report 2017177.7 KiB8
Curriculum Committee Minutes
Minutes Curriculum Committee 09_16_201415.8 KiB225
Curriculum Committee Minutes 10_21_201453.2 KiB189
Curriculum Committee Minutes 01_06_201536.9 KiB107
Curriculum Committee Minutes 02_09_201539.0 KiB93
Curriculum Committee Minutes 03_09_201565.3 KiB92
Curriculum Committee Minutes 03_30_201535.4 KiB106
Curriculum Committee Minutes 04_15_201521.8 KiB124
Curriculum Committee Minutes 09_15_201558.5 KiB110
Curriculum Committee Minutes 10_13_201513.5 KiB117
Curriculum Committee Minutes 11_17_201549.3 KiB225
Curriculum Committee Minutes 12_15_2015383.7 KiB238
Curriculum Committee Minutes 01_26_201653.0 KiB100
Curriculum Committee Minutes 02_23_201658.0 KiB95
Curriculum Committee Minutes 03_22_201638.4 KiB121
Curriculum Committee Minutes 04_26_201637.7 KiB49
Curriculum Committee Minutes 09_13_201642.8 KiB44
Curriculum Committee Minutes 11_08_201657.3 KiB22
Curriculum Committee Minutes 01_10_201752.7 KiB25
Curriculum Committee Minutes 02_14_201748.4 KiB15
Enrollment & Facilities Committee
Current Boundary Change Timeline194.5 KiB373
2014 Attendance Boundary Guidelines44.4 KiB952
Factual Information on Buildings DRAFT rev. 2015_01_20293.4 KiB234
Enrollment & Facilities Committee Documents
E&F Committee Report 2010945.2 KiB640
E&F Committee Report 2011635.4 KiB187
E&F Committee Report Presentation 201222.1 KiB140
E&F Committee Report 20121.0 MiB212
E&F Committee Report 2013 (Rev. Nov 2013)871.1 KiB250
E&F Committee Report 2014611.6 KiB251
E&F Committee Report Presentation 2014124.7 KiB233
E&F Committee Work Summary 201595.8 KiB193
E&F Committee Report 2015, Boundary Study Phase 1: Over-Utilized Elementary Schools7.7 MiB338
Enrollment & Facilities Committee Minutes
E&F Committee Minutes 09 _25_201316.8 KiB122
E&F Committee Minutes 10_23_201317.2 KiB131
E&F Committee Minutes 11_20_201316.8 KiB175
E&F Committee Minutes 12_04_201339.5 KiB172
E&F Committee Minutes 01_21_201418.4 KiB134
E&F Committee Minutes 02_18_201418.2 KiB122
E&F Committee Minutes 03_18_201447.7 KiB128
E&F Committee Minutes 04_15_2014158.2 KiB159
E&F Committee Minutes 09_16_2014168.0 KiB158
E&F Committee Minutes 09_30_2014197.9 KiB184
E&F Committee Minutes 11_04_201460.7 KiB229
E&F Committee Minutes 01_06_201549.4 KiB201
E&F Committee Minutes 01_20_201558.8 KiB130
E&F Committee Minutes 02_17_201557.3 KiB142
E&F Committee Minutes 03_17_201561.7 KiB115
E&F Committee Minutes 04_07_201557.3 KiB121
E&F Committee Minutes 04_21_201565.3 KiB132
E&F Committee Minutes 05_05_201580.1 KiB110
E&F Committee Minutes 07_07_201595.6 KiB170
E&F Committee Minutes 09_15_20157.7 MiB140
E&F Committee Minutes 10_13-20157.8 MiB157
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Committee Minutes 08_08_2013335.2 KiB158
Executive Committee Minutes 08_22_2013342.0 KiB176
Executive Committee Minutes 09_26_2013339.6 KiB159
Executive Committee Minutes 10_24_2013340.2 KiB281
Executive Committee Minutes 11_21_2013339.7 KiB151
Executive Committee Minutes 12_19_2013340.3 KiB174
Executive Committee Minutes 01_23_2014341.3 KiB166
Executive Committee Minutes 02_27_2014341.4 KiB148
Executive Committee Minutes 03_20_2014341.5 KiB153
Executive Committee Minutes 05_15_2014279.3 KiB149
Executive Committee Minutes 08_14_2014341.9 KiB155
Executive Committee Minutes 08_28_2014341.2 KiB164
Executive Committee Minutes 09_25_20141.7 MiB138
Executive Committee Minutes 10_23_20142.0 MiB106
Executive Committee Minutes 11_20_20141.7 MiB128
Executive Committee Minutes 12_18_20141.0 MiB90
Executive Committee Minutes 01_22_20151.4 MiB84
Executive Committee Minutes 02_26_20151.4 MiB103
Executive Committee Minutes 03_19_20151.2 MiB74
Executive Committee Minutes 04_23_2015343.0 KiB106
Executive Committee Minutes 05_14_2015346.1 KiB126
Executive Committee Minutes 08_06_2015338.3 KiB173
Executive Committee Minutes 08_20_2015338.0 KiB171
Executive Committee Minutes 09_30_2015340.4 KiB147
Executive Committee Minutes 10_22_2015338.3 KiB111
Executive Committee Minutes 11_19_2015335.2 KiB72
Executive Committee Minutes 12_17_2015338.4 KiB73
Executive Committee Minutes 01_28_2016341.2 KiB61
Executive Committee Minutes 02_11_2016327.6 KiB65
Executive Committee Minutes 03_24_2016332.3 KiB65
Executive Committee Minutes 04_28_2016332.4 KiB54
Executive Committee Minutes 05_19_2016351.4 KiB39
Executive Committee Minutes 08_04_2016728.9 KiB44
Executive Committee Minutes 08_18_2016688.9 KiB20
Executive Committee Minutes 09_22_2016691.0 KiB21
Executive Committee Minutes 10_27_2016742.6 KiB23
Executive Committee Minutes 11_17_2016691.7 KiB24
Executive Committee Minutes 12_15_2016744.3 KiB17
Executive Committee Minutes 01_26_2017700.7 KiB25
Executive Committee Minutes 02_23_2017696.0 KiB23
Executive Committee Minutes 03_23_2017693.5 KiB10
Executive Committee Minutes 04_27_2017699.7 KiB4
Family & Community Engagement Committee Documents
FACE Committee Report 201054.0 KiB218
FACE Committee Report 2011149.8 KiB169
FACE Committee Report Presentation 2011110.8 KiB118
FACE Committee Report 2012223.9 KiB161
FACE Committee Report 2013685.8 KiB433
FACE Committee Report Appendix D: Sherman Standards (2013)459.7 KiB149
FACE Committee Report 2014605.5 KiB248
FACE Committee Report 20152.9 MiB284
FACE Committee Report 2016561.4 KiB73
Family & Community Engagement Committee Minutes
FACE Committee Minutes 03_18_2014304.4 KiB152
FACE Minutes September, 2014305.2 KiB114
FACE Minutes October, 2014344.6 KiB123
FACE Minutes November, 2014341.8 KiB119
FACE Minutes December, 2014341.6 KiB151
FACE Minutes February, 2015345.3 KiB104
FACE Minutes January, 2015343.1 KiB128
FACE Minutes March, 2015336.9 KiB74
FACE Minutes April, 2015342.3 KiB96
FACE Minutes September, 2015243.2 KiB150
FACE Minutes October, 2015365.4 KiB105
FACE Minutes November, 2015253.4 KiB157
FACE Minutes December, 2015259.5 KiB91
FACE Minutes January, 2016450.0 KiB86
FACE Minutes March, 2016426.6 KiB74
FACE Minutes February, 2016462.7 KiB90
Face Minutes April, 2016159.1 KiB42
Face Minutes September, 2016230.2 KiB25
Face Minutes October, 2016224.7 KiB27
Face Minutes November, 2016227.0 KiB38
FACE Minutes December, 2016227.7 KiB22
FACE Minutes January, 2017390.9 KiB34
FACE Minutes February, 2017404.7 KiB10
FACE Minutes March, 2017202.1 KiB14
FACE Minutes April, 2017204.6 KiB18
Finance Committee Documents
Finance Committee Report 2010318.5 KiB134
Finance Committee Report 2011395.9 KiB155
Finance Committee Report 2012912.1 KiB205
Understanding U46 Finances 2014408.6 KiB291
Finance Committee Report 201579.5 KiB183
Finance Committee Minutes
Finance Committee Minutes 09_26_2013336.6 KiB123
Finance Committee Minutes 10_17_2013335.6 KiB131
Finance Committee Minutes 11_14_2013330.0 KiB139
Finance Committee Minutes 12_12_2013326.3 KiB158
Finance Committee Minutes 01_16_2014335.4 KiB138
Finance Committee Minutes 02_20_2014335.8 KiB154
Finance Committee Minutes 09_18-2014336.8 KiB90
Finance Committee Minutes 10_16_2014333.7 KiB111
Finance Committee Minutes 12_17_2014336.6 KiB85
Finance Committee Minutes 01_29_2015337.6 KiB121
Finance Committee Minutes 04_01_2015336.2 KiB138
Finance (and Legislative) Committee Minutes 10_15_2015904.1 KiB134
Finance (and Legislative) Committee Minutes 11_05_2015191.6 KiB75
Finance (and Legislative) Committee Minutes 01_20_2016754.1 KiB78
General Council Documents
CAC Bylaws (Rev. 2006)46.9 KiB291
Response To CAC Recommendations 201269.7 KiB139
Response To CAC Recommendations 2013191.6 KiB183
Response To CAC Recommendations 2014196.6 KiB184
Response to CAC Recommendations 2015116.8 KiB100
CAC Brochure 2015365.9 KiB245
CAC Membership Handbook 2015251.5 KiB133
CAC General 2015 Committee Work76.2 KiB138
CAC How To Be A Great Rep 2015446.8 KiB128
General Council Minutes
CAC General Minutes 09_12_2013333.1 KiB154
CAC General Minutes 10_10_2013 341.7 KiB174
CAC General Minutes 11_07_2013345.5 KiB201
CAC General Minutes 12_05_2013335.3 KiB140
CAC General Minutes 01_09_2014342.0 KiB188
CAC General Minutes 02_13_2014340.4 KiB172
CAC General Minutes 03_13_2014340.4 KiB232
CAC General Minutes 04_10_20141.4 MiB135
CAC General Minutes 05_08_20142.1 MiB181
CAC General Minutes 09_11_20141.3 MiB144
CAC General Minutes 10_09_2014 2.5 MiB433
CAC General Minutes 11_13_20142.0 MiB88
CAC General Minutes 12_11_20141.1 MiB90
CAC General Minutes 02_12_20152.3 MiB137
CAC General Minutes 03_05_2015679.0 KiB101
CAC General Minutes 04_09_20151.4 MiB90
CAC General Minutes 05_07_2015351.6 KiB86
CAC General Minutes 09_10_2015353.9 KiB91
CAC General Minutes 10_08_2015336.0 KiB88
CAC General Minutes 12_10_2015331.3 KiB76
CAC General Minutes 11_12_2015336.4 KiB81
CAC General Minutes 01_14_2016331.7 KiB84
CAC General Minutes 02_11_2016336.6 KiB241
CAC General Minutes 03_10_2016331.6 KiB53
CAC General Minutes 04_14_2016332.8 KiB48
CAC General Minutes 05_05_2016349.3 KiB39
CAC General Minutes 09_08_2016680.7 KiB33
CAC General Minutes 10_1_2016 408.6 KiB29
CAC General Minutes 11_10_2016444.8 KiB29
CAC General Minutes 12_08_2016440.2 KiB31
CAC General Minutes 01_12_2017465.1 KiB52
CAC General Minutes 02_09_2017699.6 KiB8
CAC General Minutes 03_09_2017441.0 KiB9
CAC General Minutes 04_13_2017453.3 KiB9
CAC General Minutes 05_04_2017479.3 KiB11
Legislative Committee Documents
Legislative Committee Report 20102.0 MiB151
Legislative Committee Report 20111.0 MiB180
Legislative Committee Report 20121.3 MiB175
Legislative Committee Report 20131.2 MiB232
Legislative Committee Report 2014214.1 KiB222
Legislative Committee Presentation: How CAC Members Can Influence Springfield (2014)2.2 MiB249
Legislative Committee Work Summary 20152.2 MiB194
Legislative Committee Minutes
Legislative Commitee Minutes 10_16_2014342.6 KiB129
Legislative Committee Minutes 12_04_2014348.4 KiB186
Legislative Committee Minutes 01_15_2015339.4 KiB173
Legislative Committee Minutes 02_05_2015342.2 KiB277
Special Education Committee Documents
Special Education Committee Report 201092.6 KiB144
CAC Special Education Committee Report 201189.1 KiB171
Special Education Committee Report Presentation 201182.0 KiB120
Special Education Committee Report 20124.1 MiB260
Special Education Committee Report 20134.0 MiB212
Special Education Committee Report 20144.1 MiB739
Special Education Committee Report 20153.3 MiB240
Special Education Committee Report 2016634.3 KiB145
Specialized Student Services Report 2017 476.9 KiB7
Special Education Committee Minutes
Special Ed Committee Minutes 11_04_201193.5 KiB154
Special Ed Committee Minutes 03_06_201295.0 KiB128
Special Ed Committee Minutes 09_04_2012101.5 KiB174
Special Ed Committee Minutes 04_02_201370.5 KiB137
Special Ed Committee Minutes 08_20_2013100.6 KiB161
Special Ed Committee Minutes 09_17_2013239.0 KiB150
Special Ed Committee Minutes 10_15_2013101.6 KiB210
Special Ed Committee Minutes 11_19_2013102.8 KiB165
Special Ed Committee Minutes 12_17_2013110.9 KiB152
Special Ed Committee Minutes 01_21_201491.6 KiB131
Special Ed Committee Minutes 02_18_2014100.2 KiB160
Special Ed Committee Minutes 03_18_201488.0 KiB153
Special Ed Committee Minutes 04_15_201459.1 KiB145
Special Ed Committee Minutes 08_19_201460.8 KiB150
Special Ed Committee Minutes 09_16_201454.6 KiB141
Special Ed Committee Minutes 10_21_201456.0 KiB121
Special Ed Committee Minutes 11 18 201456.0 KiB111
Special Ed Committee Minutes 12 16 201455.2 KiB171
Special Ed Committee Minutes 01_20_201552.3 KiB150
Special Ed Committee Minutes 02_17_201550.9 KiB124
Special Ed Committe Minutes 03_17_201566.5 KiB134
Special Ed Committee Minutes 04_21_201558.0 KiB97
Special Ed Committee Minutes 08_18_201568.1 KiB85
Special Ed Committee Minutes 09_15_201574.2 KiB181
Special Ed Committee Minutes 10_20_201578.3 KiB138
Special Ed Committee Minutes 11_17_201583.4 KiB93
Special Ed Committee Minutes 12_15_201562.3 KiB130
Special Ed Committee Minutes 01_19_201662.2 KiB79
Special Ed Committee Minutes 02_16_201649.5 KiB89
Special Ed Committee Minutes 03_15_201669.8 KiB50
Special Ed Committee Minutes 04_19_201660.4 KiB48
Special Ed Committee Minutes 08_23_201658.7 KiB52
Special Ed Committee Minutes 09_27_201656.3 KiB6
Special Ed Committee Minutes 11_15_201677.6 KiB9